HCP harvest high-elevation dead aspen that is standing or partially fallen.  Once a tree dies, it takes about 10 years for it to lose its bark and be ready for the furniture that I create.  “Checking" is the natural process that occurs as moisture leaves the wood, drying over time.  Checking (cracks) has usually occurred before I harvest the tree and well before you receive your furniture.  Additional checking occasionally occurs once a product has been built and moved indoors.  This will NOT affect the stability of the furniture, in fact the joints naturally tighten as checking occurs.  If you have any concerns about log checking, please contact me.

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Coat Racks, Shelves, Custom Items and Accessories

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Coat Racks

The High Country Products coat racks are available in lengths from 28" to 50".  See chart below for sizes and peg configurations.

  Coat Racks  
  Length Pegs  
  28" 3 $   40
  36" 4 $   50
  42" 5 $   60
  50" 6 $   70
  Standing coat rack $ 100

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These unique shelves are crafted from a single Aspen log.  Custom order the size that will fit your location or decor.

    Lengths  24-36" $   50
                  36-48"   POR

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Custom Items

High Country Products offers a variety of custom items for your home.  A few of our custom items are table lamps, pencil holders, deck and stair railings, napkin holders, mailbox post and whatever you can dream up for your home decor.

  Custom Items
    Table Lamps $   75
    Pencil Holders $   10
    Other custom items   POR

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